Obesity and type 2 diabetes are two major conditions that affect the modern society. Fortunately, these conditions are reversible through lifestyle modification.

The Supported Lifestyle Modification (SLiM) is a programme designed for clients with obesity and/ or type 2 diabetes, for them to start and adhere to lifestyle changes. By adopting psychological principles including motivational interviewing techniques; in this programme, clients are empowered to take charge of their health, to live life to the fullest.

This e-book is a training manual to help health care providers implement the SLiM programme. Health care providers may also choose to create customized programmes of the same nature at their own health care facilities.

Medium of instruction: Malay Language
*with cultural adaptations

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248 pages

Dr Mohammad Arif Shahar
Dr Mohd Faiz Md Tahir
Dr Noor Ashikin Mohd Rusly
Dr Siti Nordiana Dollah