Dr Mohammad Arif Shahar
Dr Mohd Faiz Tahir
Dr Siti Nordiana Dollah
Published 27 November 2020
Last Updated 27 November 2020
Supported Lifestyle Modification (SLiM)… “Empowering individuals to make better choices…”

This short notes explains – in a concise manner – what Supported Lifestyle Modification (SLiM) is all about:

It answers:

  1. Why SLiM programme exist
  2. How we do things in the SLiM programme
  3. What SLiM Programme offers

WHY SLiM Programme was created?

The SLiM Programme exist because we believe that everyone is able to take control of their own health. All they need is empowerment. With adequate knowledge and guidance; encouragement and motivation, everyone is able to take charge of their own health without depending too much on doctors and health-care professionals.

We believe that most non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are results of lifestyle behaviour. If we are able to motivate people to harness healthy lifestyle; facilitate them to choose better life options, many will find solutions to non-communicable diseases (NCDs) that they are dealing with.

The SLiM programme empowers individuals to take charge of their health.

HOW do we do things at the SLiM Programme?

We follow three principles in our everyday practice:

  1. “LISTEN to the client attentively”
  2. “SPEND adequate time with the client to empower them”
  3. “HELP the client to discover the healthy lifestyle that works for them”

WHAT does the SLIM Programme offer?


The current trend in health management addresses client’s present health complaints (i.e. when the disease has manifest itself). At the SLiM Programme, we would like to be better!

We advocates healthy lifestyle in order to prevent Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs), even before the first symptom appears.

Treatment aiming for “cure”

We also focuses on getting clients free from the disease, not merely free of symptoms.

NCDs are direct outcome of lifestyle. What you do every day matters. Unhealthy habits shift the body’s biology out of ‘balance’. Bringing the biological state back into balance will reverse the illness i.e “cure”/remission. At the SLiM Programme, we facilitates Sustainable Healthy Lifestyle Behaviour and adherence to treatment aiming for “cure” from NCDs.


Living with chronic illnesses is hard. Apart from having to deal with chronic illnesses, rigidity in thinking creates stress and more suffering. It is the greatest barrier to a meaningful life.

The SLiM programme also integrates biological, psychological, social and spiritual factors into client’s care, following a holistic model of health. By being psychologically flexible, living a rich and meaningful life is possible while having to struggle with chronic illnesses.

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