Ramadan is the most awaited month for Muslims. It is a month commemorating the final revelation; the Word of God (Qur’an); a 30-day of fasting and worship. Ramadan is not only celebrated by enhancing one’s commitment in becoming closer to God, but also by connecting with others through kindness and charity. In the Muslim world – Ramadan is a feast.

With the advent of COVID-19, this year’s Ramadan is expected to be different. The way we interact with people is changing as social distancing is enforced and lock-down policies are implemented. Many are predicting that there will be a ‘new normal’ in the way we socialize as a result of this pandemic. This new ‘lifestyle’ will definitely affect how we observe Ramadan this year and the following years to come – to some extent.

This small booklet explores the mind-set to be adopted – taught by the Qur’an and Islamic teachings – on how to deal with pandemics. What is expected in this coming Ramadan is discussed in brief. A collaborative effort by everyone involved is emphasized; putting focus on adaptations required at an individual level as well as organisational level in facing COVID-19 during Ramadan.

For us, COVID-19 serves as a reminder. A call to return to God. What would be the best time to do so other than the month for seeking mercy and forgiveness from Allah – The One and Only God, The Creator and The Sustainer of The Universe. Starting next week, although we would still appear to be caught in a lock-down – but we could never be bogged down